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Update: File sync version 1.36

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

A quick update for Easy2Sync for Files: Version 1.36. In the previous version using the “safe copy” option could lead to the stopping of the entire task. This is fixed now. In general this options is useful for safely copying files over unstable networks.

Furthermore a problem with the lock files was fixed (they’re useful if you run competing syncs on multiple computers).

As always the update is free for our registered customers. For more info about the product, please refer to the File sync page.

New file sync version 1.35

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

We’ve just released Easy2Sync for Files 1.35. There are two major changes in the program. First, the update includes an improved support for unreliable networks. Wireless, dial-up, VPN, etc.  Easy2Sync is now much better at detecting broken connections and incorrect server responses to protect your data.

The second change is a reworked user interface with new icons. Hope you like. 😉

The update is (as always) free for registered users. For more info please refer to the file sync page.