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Giraffe notebook

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

There are all kinds of notebooks, but this idea is (as far as I know) as brilliant as new as it is simple. The new Flybook VM (reported on Golem) is able to hold its display higher and a bit separated from the notebook on some kind of “telescope” arm. (Not really telescope length, but enough to make a difference.)

Notebooks are of course a fascination of mine and I almost did buy one of the previous flybook versions. The Easy2Sync series (to synchronize files and Outlook) were made because I had problems synchronizing my own notebook to take the source code of other programs along…

Tiny USB stick, perfect for synchronization

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

As german news service Golem has written, there’s now a really tiny USB stick (2,8mm thick) available, perfect for sychronization. You can use Easy2Sync for Files / Easy2Sync for Outlook to synchronize your files / your Outlook e-mails+contacts onto the stick, take it from the office to your home office and then synchronize everything there with the stick.