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Remove your Outlook duplicates with version 1.13

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Are you afraid of the number 13?

Fact is that people avoid this number. You won’t find a row 13 in any plane. And many buildings lack the 13th floor. (Okay, the floor is there, it just has a different number.)

Now version 1.13 is out. We decided not to skip this number. Being a programmer I simply refuse to believe in such superstition.

But anyway: the new version only contains minor changes and was tested really well.

Just in case. 😉

Download 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook.

Merging team calendars

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Synchronzing two calendars is a feature, that’s Easy2Sync for Outlook can do since ages. But the new version 1.26 offers a new twist:
Merge Outlook pst


Now what’s that?

It almost like synchronizing. Any item that exists on both sides and is changed on either, is updated on the respective other side. The new this: If the item is new, it gets only copied if its new on the “master” side (the source side for the arrow).

Too abstract? Two examples:
1. 20 people in you company have 20 calendars. Simply synchronzing them would create havok, each calendar would contain all items from everybody, you couldn’t find anything. With the new copy-merge mode, you can create a 21st calendar and copy-merge all calendars into the new one. The 20 calendars stay the same but now you have a “team calendar” that contains all items from all calendars. And the best part: If you change an item in the “team calendar” it will get synchronized back to owning calendar *only*.
2. You can 12.000 contacts in Outlook. You PDA would detonate if you tried to synchronize it with that. Just create a calendar with your “favorite contacts”. You can now use your PDA software (sorry, not Easy2Sync) to synchronize your PDA with the favorite contacts folder. And you can use Easy2Sync for Outlook to copy-merge the favorite with the main contact folder. It will synchronize changed items in both directions. But it will not add items from them main to the favorites folder.

Hope you get what I mean. 😉 Want more info on Easy2Sync for Outlook and team calendars? Give Easy2Sync a try!

TheBest Minimize to Tray 1.03

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Today, we’ve released version 1.03 of our software TheBest Minimize to Tray.

Minmize to Tray

There are little changes, only a minor bugfix for Vista. If you had troubles with the desktop icons, please get the new version.

How to use your USB-Stick to sync Outlook calendar

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Synchronizing Outlook over the network is always the faster and easier option – but it’s not always available. For example if you want to synchronize your Outlook calendar at home and at the office. You still can synchronize them. And here’s how to:

  1. Get an USB-Stick. It doesn’t have to be big. Any stick that you can buy nowadays is likely to be big enough to hold your calendar. SD-Cards & co work, too.
  2. Get Easy2Sync for Outlook (this requires the Business Edition). You’ll need it on both computers.
  3. Use Outlook to create a blank PST file on the USB-Stick (Outlook: File > New > Outlook data file) and create an empty contacts folder in it.
  4. Close the file in Outlook again. (Right-click the root item of the new file in the Outlook folder tree)
  5. Start Easy2Sync for Outlook, click on the “New” button and choose the Calendar sync. Just follow the wizard’s steps.
  6. Repeat (5) on the other PC, with the stick plugged in there.
  7. If you want, edit the tasks to exclude private contacts from the sync.

That’s all! Want more info on Easy2Sync for Outlook? Click here!

How to move your files

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Originally Easy2Sync for Files was “just” able to synchronize files. By now it has outgrown that small island and has become a feature continent. You can synchronize, copy, move and do lots of other things with your files. Simply create a new task and choose one of the “move” task types:

Move files

Yes, there’s more than one because you can decide if you want to keep the directory structure or move that, too. Perfect for doing a backup of your files! Try Easy2Sync for Files!

How to collect sync tasks (instead of stamps)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

One might argue if collecting stamps is a useful hobby. Collecting tasks however can be VERY useful. Both Easy2Sync for Outlook and Easy2Sync for Files feature something called “task collection” in the “new” menu:
Sync task

Task collections are special tasks that group several other synchronization tasks. Once the task collection is run (manually or automatically), it starts all the files in the collections. For example, I have a task collection “Backup” that runs all the different backup tasks that I use to back up different parts and projects of my harddisk to a removable medium. One click, one coffee and I can sleep better. 😉

BTW: This feature can be combined with a menu item of the “view” menu. It allows you to hide all the sync jobs that are member of a task collection from the main dialog. A great feature if you have so many sync jobs that it already messes up the main dialog, as it reduces the many synchronization jobs to a few task collections. 😉

Another BTW: You can easily recognize the task collections in the main dialog, as they don’t have an icon to indicate their task type (sync, copy, etc.). Since they can icorporate many task types (sync AND copy) it doesn’t make much sense to display an icon.
If you want you can test the Freeware Edition here.