Doing support with canned texts III

ReplyButler can store canned texts, which is great for support work. If you have many texts, you can manually train it to find the right text for you.

By default the software tries to learn when a canned text fits from the e-mails that you insert it into, but you can also manually specify keywords. To do that, edit the canned text and go to the second tab. Here you can edit keywords and choose relevancy criteria.

Example: You have a price list that you send customers who are asking for it. Then enter the keywords “price”, “prices” and “pricelist” and tell the software that this canned text is relevant if any of these words occur in the e-mail. Next time that you get an e-mail questioning for prices, don’t search the menus for your text. Just open the context menu -there it is.

Give it a try and download ReplyButler now.

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