Reply with seasonal greetings in your e-mail

At Christmas, New Year and several other times of the year, we use special greeting phrases in our lives. And ReplyButler can use them, too. Automatically wishing the people “Merry Christmas” is very easy:

  • Open the ReplyButler Options (Extra / Options)
  • Go to the “My answer” Tab
  • Click on the Button “…” that is between the 2 combo boxes at the top

If you want to add Christmas or New Year greetings, simply use pre-defined menu-item for that and confirm the next dialog. Now you’ve got a next “special case” in the left combo box. Choose here the Christmas case and you can edit the phrases that you want to use here.

If you want to defined your own special case, for example a special greeting phrase in the evening, use the “…” and add a “user-defined” case with a nice name and the right conditions (here: the time). Then, while this special case is active, just enter the phrases that you want to use. Leave the edit boxed empty to use the default values from the “special case default”.

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