Earn money with ReplyButler

Yes, you can do that. It you’re using the Freeware Edition for more that 30 days, ReplyButler will add 2 small lines of text at the end of your e-mails which hint at our products.

And you can earn money with this. Register with Share-It (that’s completely free) and enter your affiliate number into ReplyButler (Extras / Options / Answer details / Footer). Now, if we sell a copy to anyone who was referred from your e-mail, you’ll get 15% of the purchase price (after deducting taxes and transaction costs). If you’re not interested in the money or don’t want to register, just choose one of the predefined charity affiliates.

Trick: If you’re using the Home- or Business Edition, or the Freeware Edition for less than 30 days, you can activate this manually in the options.

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