How to use your USB-Stick to sync Outlook calendar

Synchronizing Outlook over the network is always the faster and easier option – but it’s not always available. For example if you want to synchronize your Outlook calendar at home and at the office. You still can synchronize them. And here’s how to:

  1. Get an USB-Stick. It doesn’t have to be big. Any stick that you can buy nowadays is likely to be big enough to hold your calendar. SD-Cards & co work, too.
  2. Get Easy2Sync for Outlook (this requires the Business Edition). You’ll need it on both computers.
  3. Use Outlook to create a blank PST file on the USB-Stick (Outlook: File > New > Outlook data file) and create an empty contacts folder in it.
  4. Close the file in Outlook again. (Right-click the root item of the new file in the Outlook folder tree)
  5. Start Easy2Sync for Outlook, click on the “New” button and choose the Calendar sync. Just follow the wizard’s steps.
  6. Repeat (5) on the other PC, with the stick plugged in there.
  7. If you want, edit the tasks to exclude private contacts from the sync.

That’s all! Want more info on Easy2Sync for Outlook? Click here!

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