5 tips for more productivity with Outlook & ReplyButler

If you write a lot of e-mails, you will be happy about the many small, practical helpers with which ReplyButler saves you time. I would like to introduce five of them today.

  1. Automatic addressing
    One of the most important features of ReplyButler is that he immediately writes the addressing and the greeting formula for you when answering. Language, name, gender and style are automatically detected. As banal as this feature may sound, it’s really incredibly practical and you don’t want to miss it.
  2. Movement rules
    The work is usually not done by sending the answer. Because the original e-mail still has to be moved. ReplyButler supports flexible rules and can automatically sort the e-mail. For example, depending on the sender or keywords (such as product names) in certain folders.
  3. Short transmission delay
    If you upload another file for the recipient in parallel, the e-mail should not be sent immediately, otherwise the recipient would receive an invalid link. ReplyButler can automatically delay the sending by 10 minutes if certain keywords appear in the text.
  4. Re: Re: AW: FW:
    Such subjects are unprofessional and distract from the actual content. ReplyButler knows RE-texts, anti-virus and spam checks in many languages and removes them automatically.
  5. ReplyToAll warning
    How easy it is to just click on reply instead of answering to everyone. ReplyButler recognizes this and warns you immediately.

These and many other features make working with Outlook easier and faster. A must for all those who answer a lot of e-mails.

Test ReplyButler for Outlook today.

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