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Trick: Excluding found caches

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

If you’re into Geocaching, you can use our free software GoogleEarthTweaker to convert GPX files and make them display nicely in GoogleEarth.

You can also use this program to exclude found caches. This may be useful if you have a lot of GPX files that you don’t want to update all of the time, but still want to remove your latest finds from them.GoogleEarthTweaker

Simply activate the “exclude” checkbox and use the button […] to specify a folder where the GPX file with your finds resides. (Note: It can still be zipped, GoogleEarthTweaker won’t mind.)

Please use this link to Download GoogleEarthTweaker.

GoogleEarthTweaker 1.08

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

A new version of my Freeware tool to convert GPX files to GoogleEarth KML files (and make the icons look nicer and filter your find and and and) has just gone online.


The new release simply fixes a bug that could happen with coordinates that have only zeros after the degree sign.

You can find GoogleEarthTweaker on the Download page.

How to synchronize your Opera Bookmarks for free

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Opera is a great (free) browser. If you like it, too, you may want to synchronize your bookmarks between different computers. Since Opera stores all bookmarks in a single file, you can easily synchronize that with the Freeware Edition of Easy2Sync for Files. Forever, if you like, as the Freeware Edition doesn’t contian a time limit.

Easy2Sync has a special assistant for task that synchronize just one file:
Sync file

By default Opera’s bookmark file is named opera6.adr and is stored in C:\Program files\Opera\Profile (even though the path may be different on your system). To set up the task just drag the file from the local and the (shared) remote path into this dialog. When synchronzing, please note that Opera modifies the file every time you use a bookmark, so it’s best to synchronize often. 😉

Free file sync

Give it a try with our Freeware Edition of Easy2Sync for Files.

Free boilerplates for Software Support

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

In the past weeks we’ve been collecting boilerplates (text modules) that are useful for doing Software Support and answering customer e-mails.

Now, we’ve published them and you can download our collection of 55 text modules that can be used directly in Outlook, conveniently organized in 18 folders.

So, even if ReplyButler isn’t Freeware, these text modules are. And you can even use them in ReplyButler after the ReplyButler’s 30-day trial period has expired.

Dowload the text modules for Outlook.

Freebee of the week: Free Technology Logo pack

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

For all the techies out there, we have a nice bit: Our technology logo pack. It’s a free add-on for the Company Logo Designer our simple-to-use tool to create your own custom logos.

This Logo Pack with 25 technology-style logos is completely free and can even be used with the Demo Version of the CompanyLogoDesigner.

Here are some logo design samples:

Logo TemplateTechnology logoTech logo templateTechnology logo pack

You can download the logo pack here. The Company Logo Designer is also availble for download.

Freebee of the week: Free professional logo packs

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

The Company Logo Designer makes it easy to design a logo, but for a professional logo, a template is always a good starting point.

We’re giving you 25 free templates. No purchase or registration required, just download and install. All templates can be modified, not only in color, but also the logo itself.

Here are some logo samples:

Professional logo templateProfessional Logo: Growth IncProfessional LogoProfessional Logo Template: Earthquaker

You can download the Logo pack here. The Company Logo Designer main program download ist here.

Freebee of the week: 3 discount codes

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Yes, this week we’ll give away three discount codes for a 20% discount on any of our products (for example Easy2Sync for Outlook or 1-Click-Duplicate-Delete for Outlook):


Yes, 20% discount just for reading the Outlook and sync blog 😉

Please note:

  • Each is valid only once.
  • If one code doesn’t work, bad luck, you’re not the first – so try another.
  • If it works, don’t stop the purchase process, because it won’t work another time.
  • Discounts can’t be combined
  • The discount must be entered on the “Your cart” page.
  • Codes are only valid until the end of the month


Freebee of the week: Free Modern Logo templates

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Want a modern logo? (Who would say “no” to such a question? 😉 Well, take a look at our latest freebee: The Modern Logo pack. It contains 25 template files which can be used our design software “company logo designer“.

The logos in the packs are just starting points for your design process and allow all kinds of modification. Just give it a try.

Modern logo Modern LogoModern logoModern logo

Freebee of the week: Free Innovative Logo templates

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

It’s always difficult to find a fresh approach for logo design. If you want a new, innovative logo, it’s time to look at our new logo pack.

This pack contains 25 “.CompanyLogo” files which can be use in our Company Logo Designer. Simply install the CompanyLogoDesigner first and then the logo pack, then you’ll have the new templates available. Give it a try and get the Company Logo Designer.

Innovative Logo Innovative LogoLogoCompany Logo

Freebee of the week: Industry Logo Pack

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Want an industry-style logo? Well, try the Company Logo Designer and get the free industry logo pack. It contains 25 logo templates to give you a real good start with the design process.

The logo pack is free (you can download it here) and it’s compatible with the Demo Version of the Company Logo Designer.

Here are some examples:

Industry logocomapany logo industry logostylish industry logo

Free Article: Boilerplate Text in Software Support (3/3)

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

(This artcle was previously published in the ASPects regarding ReplyButler, but now I’ll make it available to everyone.)


Did I catch you? Great, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right boilerplate software for you.

1. Subfolders (Multiple levels)
These are absolutely essential if you want to stay organized.

2. General or integrated
If you plan to use boilerplate only in your e-mails you might want to look for a product that can be integrated into your mail client, making the texts easier to access. If you want to use it in other places, too (software development perhaps?), you should use a program than can cooperate with all applications on your PC.

3. Multi-Language
If you speak more than one language and answer support mails in the other language(s) you’ll find it useful to have your boilerplate text in multiple languages.

4. Multi-User
If your company is not a one-man-show, you’ll probably want to share your canned text with other persons. You could probably just copy the configuration files around, but it would be easier if the program supports a multi-user environment from the start.

5. Icons
You’ll probably look down on this point. But I’ve found it very useful because it’s easier to memorize an image than a text.

Good luck with your boilerplate!

Thomas Holz is the owner of, a company offering the “Easy2Sync” file- and Outlook synchronization tools as well as the boilerplate software for Outlook “ReplyButler“.

Free Article: Boilerplate Text in Software Support (2/3)

Monday, July 9th, 2007

(This artcle was previously published in the ASPects regarding ReplyButler, but now I’ll make it available to everyone.)


If the boilerplates really become useful for you and your collection grows, you’ll face a different problem. Finding a text you’ve written months ago. That’s why you have to organize and maintain your texts. Giving the texts short headlines is essential and folders are very handy, too.

If you do support in multiple languages, you’ll probably want to use the same text in these languages, too. This can be difficult with most boilerplate products, as they don’t support it. As a workaround you can use folders or prefixes (or postfixes) with the language name in the headline (like “EN – Install problem”). But it’s important to use the same headline for the same issue, no matter what language the response is in. Otherwise you’ll constantly look for the wrong text. (Another mistake that I already made.)

The English language isn t very picky when it comes to addressing a person, but other languages offer more choices than simply “you”. Depending on your language and communication policies you may even want to store the same text in different styles: formal and informal. Otherwise you might easily end up with addressing somebody with his last name in the greeting phrase and using an informal addressing (“tu” in Spanish, for example) in the boilerplate. Sometimes texts are basically the same for several products or vary in other minor issues. So it makes sense to use one single boilerplate here and just fill in the gap when you re inserting the text.

Some boilerplate programs can ask for the gap text. If yours doesn t, simply use a placeholder like ######. The hash marks are great because you can very easily see them and it s less likely that you send out a mail where you didn t fill in the gap.

Freebee of the week: Elegant Logo Pack

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Our Company Logo Designer already has a lot of templates (the Comfort Edition a whopping 250), but here are some more. This week, we can offer you free, elegant logo templates.

You can get this free logo pack “Elegant logos” here.

Here are some logo samples:

Logo templateLogo design templateElegant Logo templaateElegant logos templates

Free Article: Boilerplate Text in Software Support (1/3)

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

(This artcle was previously published in the ASPects regarding ReplyButler, but now I’ll make it available to everyone.)

They have many names. The dictionary calls them boilerplate text, but you ll also find them as stationery, AutoText, templates, canned text or text macros. The idea is always the same: Type a text once-use it many times. This article is about why they are useful for software support and how to get the most out of them.

Customers are asking questions. And chances are that they’ll ask you the same questions over and over again (probably ignoring any FAQ). And you’re typing the same answers again and again. You don’t? Sure? Test it! For the next twenty answered mails, pause for a second and think if you didn’t write that answer (complete or in parts) before. You’ll see that it happens more often than you thought. Still, you probably refrain from storing these texts in some form, because of the extra work this causes. Organizing the texts, choosing a wording that can easily be reused later for another customer, etc. But this work quickly pays off; you just have to start it. And the more boilerplate replies you have ready, the more time you can save, you’ll see.

As a side-effect, you ll probably also deliver the answers to customers quicker than you used to. Since canned text makes answering e-mail easier, you re less likely to procrastinate the answers.

Boilerplate has another advantage. Customers sometimes are unfriendly or simply write stupid things. It’s tempting to let your feeling go wild and write a hefty response. That may be satisfying for the moment, but it will definitely backfire. Trust me, I already made that mistake. If you have a boilerplate response to handle the customer’s issue (written in a friendly tone) it’s much easier to give the customer a professional reply.

Furthermore, a boilerplate library makes it easier for other persons to do your support work. Either while you’re on holiday or if you permanently give the support job to somebody else. This way they have to know less about your products and your company policies because they can just use pre-written texts.

Creating and using your boilerplate forces you to organize and categorize your support cases. This will also make it easier for you to see what the typical questions are that the people keep asking. That s very valuable knowledge. Perhaps you can change your product or website to make these issues clearer even before the customer has to write you an e-mail?

Freebee of the week: Free Company Logo templates

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Designing logos with the Company Logo Designer software is easy, but even it is even easier if you have a nice logo template to start with.

And this week we have a pack of 25 free templates for Company Logos. Here are some samples:

Company logoCompany logoCompany Logo IInew company logo

They’re free, they don’t even require the paid version. Download the Company Logo templates.